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Beyoncé Proudly Declares 'Trans Is Beautiful' During the RenaissanceWorld Tour

Beyoncé Proudly Declares 'Trans Is Beautiful' During the Renaissance World Tour

Beyoncé reading “Trans is beautiful” sign
TikTok (@candacepersuasian); Getty Images

The music icon noticed a sign being held by influencer Candace Persuasian.

Another beautiful moment at the Renaissance World Tour!

Toward the end of Beyoncé’s recent concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey, a fan named Candace Persuasian – a Vietnamese social media influencer based in Boston – held up a sign that read, “Trans is beautiful.”

As Queen Bey soared in the sky to the tune of “Summer Renaissance,” she spotted the sign and repeated the sentence on the mic, declaring that “Trans is beautiful.” This was captured in a video shared by Persuasian on her TikTok page, @candacepersuasian.

The video ends with a giddy Persuasian smiling from ear to ear as she shows the sign Beyoncé just read to the camera.


BEYONCÉ READ MY SIGN! “TRANS IS BEAUTIFUL!” Thank you Queen for creating safe spaces for queer and trans folks! #renaissanceworldtour #beyonce #trans #fyp

One celebrity who has already reacted to Queen Bey’s shout-out is actress and TV host Laverne Cox, who re-shared the TikTok video on her Instagram page. Cox wrote:

“I started the hashtag #TransIsBeautiful in 2015 to empower trans and nonbinary people to see our beauty beyond cis-normative beauty standards. This wasn’t about me. This was and is for the people. Seeing it empower trans folks globally to embrace our special, anointed beauty lights me up on the inside. But hearing Beyoncé proclaim this trans-affirming message, I don’t have words. I may have cried a little. Thank you [Candace Persuasian] for evoking this beautiful moment with your sign. Trans is indeed so beautiful.”

Our hearts are filled with joy that Candace was able to get her sign spotted by Beyoncé, and that Queen Bey herself took the time to shout out this trans-affirming message at her concert.

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