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'Pose's Steven Canals Teases Possible Prequel Reboot Idea

Elektra Wintour in Pose season 3 episode 3.

Instead of waiting to reboot, let's get started on it now. 

*This post contains mild spoilers from Pose season 3 episode 3.

With the current season of FX's Pose having been announced its last, we've been thirsting for the possibility that some way, some how we could get more from the series. We've fallen in love with the characters like Elektra, Blanca, and Angel, and though we respect the decision to end on a relative high point, could certainly go for an episode or three. And now show co-creator Steven Canals has given us a glimmer of hope.

During the filming of season two, executive producer Ryan Murphy told Out the plot would come to a close in 1995-1996 when antiviral drugs were developed to help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Then ahead of season three's premiere Canals explained that things just felt right to end here.

" I think that the last thing I wanted to do to our audience was to create narrative simply for the sake of creating narrative, with no real intention" he said. "So, I could see there was the ending and I think we all agree that it just made sense for us to land the plane comfortably, as opposed to continue to give an audience story that just simply didn't have any really core intention or a real thrust towards specificity." But what about extending the story in the other direction.

In episode three of the final season, viewers were given glimpses into the backstory of Elektra Evangelista and the House of Abundance. We watch how she was tragically thrown out of her childhood home by her mother, how she fended for herself to build a life and family, and then how she snuck back into her childhood home in order to provide for that family. And then, we were treated to the first ball of her new family walking as the House of Abundance. The reaction gave Canals ideas.

"I could watch a whole spinoff series of baby House of Abundance adventures!" one viewer tweeted.

"If we ever reboot Pose, this could be a really interesting way to tell the story!" Canals tweeted in response. "What do y'all think?!? Pose, the prequel series."

This isn't the first spinoff Canals has been intrigued by. During season two he mentioned thoughts surrounding a series on the Masters of Ceremony Council.

In Sunday's episode after we saw Elektra provide for the House of Abundance they debuted at their first ball. That ball saw houses bring it as storybook tales, which Canals said was Murphy's idea. Twiggy Pucci Garcon helped to choreograph.

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