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Hackers Used Bluetooth Chastity Cages to Extort Unsuspecting Fetishist

Hackers Take Control of Remote Controlled Chastity Cages

Confined for a little too long.

In a stunning development for the community of men who like to engage in chastity play, hackers have exploited a security flaw in the software for a popular remotely-controlled male chastity device. According to a report from Vice, security experts at Pen Test Partners (PTP) in the United Kingdom found the flaw in the software used to control Qiui's Cellmate cage back in October, and now some users are receiving ransom demands to unlock the penises imprisoned in their devices.

Chastity is a mode of orgasm denial that encompases both mental and devide-driven practices. While it's been seen throughout history, these days device-driven chastity is seen as a fetish, most popularly seen through the usage of cages. The process centers submission, dabbles in body modification, and for some includes humiliation play -- the use of chastity crosses scenes for both same- and opposite-sex couples. So when you think about it, permenantly losing control of your cage, could be a turn-on for some. But not for all.

As Vice reports, some techies have been out-teched. One user reportedly received a message saying his Cellmate cage was permanently locked unless he paid a ransom of roughly 750 dollars in Bitcoin. When he checked his device, he learned to his horror it was locked and he couldn't open it.

"Fortunately I didn't have this locked on myself while this happened," Robert said via an online chat.

Another victim received a similar demand which began by simply announcing "Your cock is mine."

The exploit was originally identified in October of last year, according to the BBC, when PTP went public with their findings that the devices could be hijacked remotely. The Cellmate cage connects via Bluetooth to a cellphone, which uses an app to control it. However, the commands issued on the app controlling the cage must be sent to a server in China before being routed back to the Cellmate cage via the app. The loophole allows hackers to tell the server to ignore requests to unlock the devices. The Cellmate cage also has no manual override option, meaning the user is locked up tight with few options of escaping the penile penitentiary. Qiui issued a software update supposedly fixing the problem, but not everyone updated that software.

While chastity is certainly about giving up control, the submissive or the person locked is in control of who the cede that authority to.

"The arousal factor for me is losing control and handing it over to your partner," Caged Jock told Out back in 2019 when we did a feature on the community.. "A lot of people think practicing chastity [as a kink] means abstinence, and that's not true. It's not about totally denying sex or cumming, it's about letting your partner decide how and when that happens."

2019 was a bit of a big year for chastity. Designer Alan Crocetti incorporated chastity cages into a collection that year, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week. The London-based designer took the fetish device, encrusted it with diamonds, and called the encompassing collection 'Flowers from Exile.'

Qiui, the manufacturer, did not respond to Vice's request for comment, and users are obviously encouraged to update their software.

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