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sex toys

The new 'Dune' popcorn bucket looks like a sex toy & the internet is going wild

The limited-edition popcorn bucket for Dune: Part Two is breaking the internet.

Matthew Camp's New Doll Let's You Take the Heartthrob Home With You

Take all of our money now! 

Demi Lovato Has a New Sex Toy & We Can't Wait to Get Our Hands On It

"There is nothing more empowering than taking your pleasure into your own hands," Lovato said.

Are Your Sex Toys Gender-Inclusive?

Toys are getting a redesign for trans and nonbinary consumers thanks to brands like Maude.

How to Masturbate for Women With All Types of Genitals

Some women have vaginas, some women have penises. But all women deserve great self-pleasure!

These Sex Toys Are Gender-Inclusive — And Shaped Like Monsters

They could be coming soon to a bedroom near you.

I Tried a New Sex Toy Every Day for a Week

If you can’t fuck yourself, how in the hell are you gonna fuck somebody else?

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Butt Plug Hotel Story

A 'copious' amount of butt plugs were discovered by the hotel help