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This Man Falling For His 'Gym Bro' Is the Queer Love Story We Need RN

This Man Falling For His 'Gym Bro' Is the Queer Love Story We Need RN


A modern queer love story if ever we've seen one!

The gym is a notorious place for getting the human libido raging. (After all, what better aphrodisiac is there than sweat?) And if you're queer...forget about it. Let's just say the locker room is a magical place, especially when it's equipped with a steam room and/or sauna.

While we all yearn for that special someone in our local gyms, they usually remain a fantasy. That's why Reddit user @StupidDummy's story of finding love with his workout partner is so cute and frantically inspiring.

Earlier this year, the user posted a story to the Reddit feed r/offmychest where he talked about how he learned he was bisexual when he found himself to be extremely attracted to his gay "gym bro."

"This all started a few months ago. I noticed this guy at my gym and I knew something was immediately off," he recounts. "I was like nervous to even look at him, but I decided to get rid of that nervousness and just talk to him. He was actually really nice and funny and we quickly became buddies. Then about two weeks later my girlfriend broke up with me. I told him that and we had a heart-to-heart where he casually came out as gay."

"But that initial offness that I felt when I first saw him didn't go away, and I quickly started to piece together that it was the same feeling I get when I look at a really pretty girl," he continued. "And over the months it's been increasingly hard to be near him because he's just so...gorgeous I guess. Whenever I go to sleep, I just imagine him there snuggled up to me."

His initial post immediately went viral across Reddit with over 29,000+ upvotes and was even reposted on TikTok, where it currently has nearly 279,000+ likes at the time of writing.

But his next update was the real heart stopper. Here he talked about how he finally gained the courage to ask his gym bro out.

"I'm f*cking crying in my car rn holy sh*t. He said yes. So I walked him to his car and I told him. And bruh...the way I couldn't speak lmao I was so nervous. But basically, he said he kinda thought I was into him cause 'I can only catch you respectfully staring at my butt so many times before it's a little sus.' But I told him that I'm bi...and we're going on a date Friday," he wrote.

"Y'all I can't possibly reply to all of your comments but just know I'm reading them all and trying to like or upvote or whatever them all. I haven't stopped crying lmao...thank you all so much...this was so out of nowhere but I appreciated every like minute of it lmao," he said in the comment section.

"As for how me and my man are's better than I could've asked for...I know we haven't been together super long I guess...but...he just like...idk...I've just never felt more appreciated by yeah, he's got me wrapped around his finger hella hard lmao," he wrote in his latest update on the Reddit post.

Our gym bro hasn't posted any relationship status since May. While it would be sad to hear that he and his gym crush are no longer together, the fidelity of their relationship is not what's important here. What really matters is that this gym bro has found himself and has embraced his sexuality.

Relationships will come and go, but being comfortable in one's skin is the only thing that is truly important.

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