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Wife Epically Defends Drag Queen Husband From Homophobic Family

Wife Epically Defends Drag Queen Husband From Homophobic Family

Wife Epically Defends Drag Queen Husband From Homophobic Family

This is one family that should avoid judging others.

A woman used the occasion of her mother's birthday party to epically call out her homophobic family after they mocked her drag performer husband, and now she's been disinvited from all future family functions.

The loyal and devoted wife, identified as simply "T" in a thread on Reddit's popular "Am I the A**hole?" forum, revealed she and her husband are pansexual and have been in a loving and rewarding marriage for six years. It has been two years since her husband, Logan, explained to her his desire to be a drag queen, and she has supported his goal ever since, as he performed every other week under the stage name Mia at a local LGBTQ+ pub.

"Honestly, she's a wonderful drag [queen], I'm proud to be married to the person I am, and Mia rocks," T wrote.

The problems began when T's brother found a poster for one of Mia's performances posted to Instagram and brought a copy with him to their mother's birthday party later that month where the entire family, including children, were present.

During the festivities, T's brother confronted Logan with the photo and asked, "Is that you?"

Rather than lie, Logan bravely confirmed he was Mia. The photo was then passed around the family and the homophobia commenced.

One family member asked Logan if he would appear in a remake of "Birdcages" while another inquired about the process of concealing his genitalia while in drag. Someone noted the family was now aware of Logan's "rotten side." Yet another stated "this lemon likes the same fruit," while someone even said, "I thought you were a man."

The husband said nothing in the face of the hateful banter, but T knew he was upset. She asked her family to stop, but to no avail. The last straw came when her father turned to her and asked, "You're not ashamed to see a successful man like that, T?"

At long last, T had endured enough homophobia and bigotry for one family gathering.

"Since everyone wants to laugh at my husband's 'rotten' side, why don't we talk," T said before commencing on the most epic of familial takedowns, revealing some of her family's long-hidden dirty little secrets. And nobody was safe from T's wrath.

"I talked about my dad being an alcoholic for 30 years, the amount of cheats my brother gave my SIL, or when my sister stole 10K from my parents saying it was for an emergency and it was actually to travel around Europe," T recalled of her amazing impromptu monologue of retribution.

The room went silent. And then T's mother invited her to leave, and she's been uninvited to all family events since.

"The decision to uninvite me was my father's and my mother has been insisting that I apologize to everyone, but I've stood firm by saying they should apologize to my husband," T wrote, wanting to know if she was wrong for staying loyal to Logan and Mia instead of her homophobic family.

T went on to note both Logan and T are pansexual, noting that they both have had "experiences with people of the same sex before we dated." She also said she's never seen Logan more free or happy or truthful in the 15 years she has known him, and that she "wouldn't trade that for anything."

She also imparted a few words of wisdom her family would do well to learn:

"Masculinity is something socially constructed and seeing someone play out gender standards and social expectations, being themselves...oh, that's too hot."

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