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Soccer Player Shares Fake Coming Out Tweet, Claims Account Was Hacked

Soccer Player Shares Fake Coming Out Tweet, Claims Account Was Hacked

Instagram (@ikercasillas)

Real Madrid star Iker Casillas promptly deleted his “coming out” tweets.

Over the weekend, former Real Madrid player Iker Casillas shared what appeared to be a coming out post on Twitter.

"I hope you respect me: I'm gay," Casillas' tweet read. Former FC Barcelona player Carles Puyol then responded to the post, writing: "It's time to tell our story, Iker [heart emoji] [kiss emoji]."

Both tweets were subsequently deleted after Twitter users noticed that the two men were joking and not actually coming out as gay. Given that National Coming Out Day celebrations took place on Tuesday, October 11 - just a few days after these tweets were shared - many Twitter users were outraged by these particularly tasteless "jokes."

Casillas proceeded to share a new tweet claiming (you guessed it!) that his account had been hacked, suggesting that he didn't actually share the coming out tweet. The soccer player wrote:

"Account [was] hacked. Luckily, everything [is] in order. Apologies to all my followers. And, of course, more apologies to the LGBT community [praying emoji]."

Puyol also shared another tweet later that day, but he had a much more straightforward approach to handling the situation. He wrote:

"I have made a mistake. Sorry for a clumsy joke with no bad intentions and totally out of place. I understand that it may have hurt [feelings]. All my respect and support to the LGBTQIA+ community."

It's pretty clear what happened here: two straight athletes thought it would be hilarious for them to come out as gay on social media as a stunt... for some reason. They quickly realized - or were told - that the "joke" wasn't funny and proceeded to delete their tweets. Casillas claimed that his Twitter account was hacked only to share that one single tweet. Puyol owned up to his mistake and apologized for the tasteless post.

Straight men, do better! Please and thank you.

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