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Nutter Butter Wants You To Know They Like Getting 'Nutted On'


Maybe Pride-themed marketing is going too far now...

Step aside, BTS’s “Butter” and Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” – a new butter-themed product is having their own moment in popular culture now!

This week, the best-selling peanut butter sandwich cookie brand in the U.S., Nutter Butter, broke the internet with the following, wild AF tweet:

"N is for the way you nut at me," the brand tweeted, referencing Nat King Cole's iconic track "L-O-V-E."

Nutter Butter’s post had over 220,000 likes, 38,000 retweets, and 20,000 quote-tweets at the time of writing, meaning that it absolutely went viral on Twitter with thousands of people finding humor in the hilarious (albeit a little naughty) joke. The company later added under the original tweet, “Wait what are you guys freaking out about I was just singing.”

This cheeky post is in line with most of the Pride marketing stunts that certain brands have been pulling throughout the month of June. As expected, other companies replied to this tweet in an attempt to join in the viral moment.

Trident Gum replied, “G is for the only gum I see.”

Sour Patch Kids wrote, “omg I love this song.”

Barnes & Noble tweeted, “Perhaps you have misplaced your dictionary? We have a wonderful assortment.”

With only two days left until Pride Month 2022 is over, one can expect these kinds of jokes and posts from brands on social media to slow down in the coming days.

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