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Nicki Minaj: Used to Be Bi But Now I'm Just Hetero

Nicki Minaj: Used to Be Bi But Now I'm Just Hetero

Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat

The rapper dropped the line on a new feature in Doja Cat's "Say So."

This week was a good one for new music releases. Megan The Stallion and Beyonce arguably kicked it off with the latter's rework of Megan's "Savage" hit. Then there was also Drake's new mixtape, and a Nicki Minaj remix to Doja Cat's hit "Say So." With so much content it can all begin to bloom together, but as always with rap, within Minaj's verses there are a few gems worth examining.

First things first: there are two versions of the "Say So" remix. For whatever reason -- many speculate that the original version that was available on platforms like Spotify for a few hours was redone after Minaj heard Beyonce's take on "Savage -- two different iterations of the track have been released into the ether. The verses are completely different and the "official" track, which was the second to drop, even includes a beat change.

In that version, Minaj spits a line that we can't say we ever anticipated hearing: "Tell Mke Jordan send me my retros, used to be bi now I'm just hetero." Well then!

The line was no doubt a nod at conversations around the rapper's sexuality. When she first began to make a name for herself, Minaj told fans that she identified as queer, labeling herself as bisexual. Then, in a 2012 interview, she did an about-face on that in a Rolling Stone interview admitting that she just said it for attention. Bringing all of that back up on a track with Doja Cat, who came out as bisexual in 2018 ... a choice!

But that's not the only spicy lyric from Minaj. In the original version of the song, in a verse that has now been scrapped, she gives a wink to the ... sex-positive bottoms among us!

"I can't let a goofy n*gg* come dump in it," she raps. Wow ... not sure I ever saw that coming.

But Minaj isn't the only one with lyrics that are likely to make it as the caption of someone's Instagram photo -- or OnlyFans video.

"Boy stop playing, grab my ass," poet laureate Doja Cat sings at one point. "Why you acting like you shy?"

A mood!

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