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Halo Announcer Said 'Trans Rights' in the Iconic Halo Voice

Halo Announcer Said 'Trans Rights' in the Iconic Halo Voice


Xbox and Master Chief also joined in!

Queer gamers keep on winning!

In a new Cameo video, Jeff Steitzer, the announcer for the incredibly popular first-person shooter video game franchise Halo, took special time to speak out in favor of trans rights.

"I have to say, I've been around for a while, I'm kind of old, I'm going to be 70 this coming November, and I've seen an awful lot," he says. "And the struggle of trans people reminds me so much of all the other struggles that I've been witness to over the years that I've been alive."

He talks about the Civil Rights movement, gay rights, rights for Latinos and Asian-Americans, and others. "And now, I see trans folks like yourself who basically want nothing more than to enjoy the equality that everyone else aspires to, and I for one, think you should have, " he says to the person requesting the Cameo. "And so I am happy to say 'Trans Rights!' I hope things will be better for you, for all of us really, soon, and I'd like to say in conclusion, to all of the trans people, all your friends, and to you, you are all Un-frickin-believable!"

The user who posted the Cameo, @tanisthelesbiab was overjoyed. In a follow-up tweet, she added "I'm actually crying from that video of the announcer saying that, it's so awesome to know he's even more badass."

Steitzer isn't the only one involved with Halo to speak out in support of trans rights. The official Xbox Twitter account joined in the fun, replying "he's absolutely right."

Another user replied with a Cameo from Steve Downes, the voice of Master Chief, the main character in the game, also supporting trans rights. "You know, the Spartan's job is to fight for the rights of all humanity," he says in the video. "So with that in mind, my friend Ike asked me to pass this along, 'Trans rights are human rights.' Master Chief out."

The world of gaming isn't always a friendly one for LGBTQ+ gamers, but with people like Steitzer and Downes helping, that's looking to change.

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