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Halsey Got Rape Threats After Dancing With a Woman on 'The Voice'

Halsey Got Rape Threats After Dancing With a Woman on 'The Voice'


But the singer has no plans to tone down her queer identity.

Bisexual singer Halsey recently reported that homophobic trolls sent her extreme hate, including rape threats, after her performance on The Voice last year.

Halsey performed her no. 1 single "Without Me" on the popular NBC singing competition in December while dancing with Jade Chynoweth, an actress and dancer, to whom she sang the breakup bop. The singer is bisexual and hasn't shied away from talking about her sexuality in previous hits like "Bad at Love" -- which switches between male and female pronouns -- but some homophobes didn't get the memo.

"People were going, 'What is this lesbian garbage on my TV?'" Halsey told The Times, a U.K. newspaper. "Yet there are performances by other artists that are way more sexual."

Unfortunately, things didn't stop there.

"All hell broke loose," the singer continued. "My phone number leaked, my email leaked. People were texting me things like, 'I'm going to rape you straight.' Heinous stuff."

When the dance aired, the backlash was very public, but this is much worse than had previously been reported. Halsey tweeted after the performance that she was very proud to have pissed off [the] homophobic viewers at home who missed the message."

"Representation matters," she wrote.

Halsey has continued to stand strong because she knows how important queer visibility is to queer youth. "The young people sitting on the couch next to that angry dad, that angry mom, hearing them spewing hatred," she told The Times. "The kid that's scared to come out needs to see that on the TV."

Thank you, Halsey, for all you're doing, and thank you for being proud in the face of all these scumbags.

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