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Halsey Pissed Off Homophobes with a Gay Performance on The Voice

Halsey Pissed Off Homophobes with a Gay Performance on ‘The Voice'

Bisexual icon Halsey, best known for standing placidly onstage while Jackson Maine pissed himself in A Star is Born, enraged homophobes across America this week for a homoerotic performance on NBC’s The Voice.

The singer was a guest on the show’s season finale and trotted out her newest single, “Without Me,” for a performance featuring dancer Jade Chynoweth. The two had undeniable chemistry onstage and America’s bigots, who for some reason find The Voice less gay than actual girl-on-girl action, were not happy.

Someone named Teri Burton shared a clip of the performance, calling it disgusting in a now-deleted tweet. Burton claimed that she was “not the least bit homophobic but your ‘performance’ was absolutely not appropriate for television,” before telling another fan that Halsey’s “performance was not appropriate for a show that caters to families and children. I don’t give a rats ass whether she’s gay, straight, bi, whatever.” (How dare she use the lyrics from “Born This Way” for evil!)

Halsey responded on Twitter, quoting Burton and writing, “I too find hugs DISGUSTING!!!”

Halsey also had a more emphatic message about the hate for her queer love song. “Very proud of the emotional performance I did with [Jade Chynoweth] on [The Voice] tonight. And also very proud to have pissed off the homophobic viewers at home who missed the message. Thanks for watching.” She added: “Representation matters. Thanks [The Voice] for giving a space for this vision to come to life.

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