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Watch: New Doc Traces History-Making Effort to Gain Marriage Equality


As we take a moment this Pride month to look back at the incredible progress we've acheived in the last few years, a new documentary explores the mechanics behind the fight for marriage equality, which counts as the most significant civil rights movements of the last 40 years.

The trailer for the doc highlights two notable figures in particular, both of whom deserve the recognition and then some: the architect of the movement, Evan Wolfson, and the attorney, Mary Bonauto.

Wolfson, an attorney himself who battled to make marriage equality law of the land for decades, is the founder and president of the national marriage equality campaign Freedom to Marry. Bonauto, the Civil Rights Project Director at GLAD, worked with Wolfson on the front lines of several cases in and out of Supreme Court to establish revolutionary reform and legislation.

The Freedom to Marry screens on Saturday, June 25 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Watch the trailer here:

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