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Click Boys Star Lance Charger Is Using His Corporate Experience For His OnlyFans Strategy

Click Boys Star Lance Charger Is Using His Corporate Experience For His OnlyFans Strategy

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In an exclusive clip, we see how former marketing VP Lance Charger went into OnlyFans with a full corporate mindset.

Being really successful on OnlyFans can be much harder than some people may think.

The latest episode of Click Boys follows adult content creator Lance Charger and how he has strategized his presence in platforms like OnlyFans in order to be successful. As someone who previously worked as a marketing VP, Charger brought a lot of his corporate knowledge to this new career path.

In an exclusive clip from Charger’s Click Boys episode, the adult film star discusses his strategy for marketing and publishing the adult content he creates. Specifically, Charger created a full content calendar where he sets the dates for sharing pictures, teasers, and separate clips related to an upcoming video, as well as a recap post at the end of that promotional cycle.

You can watch this exclusive clip from Click Boys below.

In the video, Charger also talks about the spreadsheets he’s created to monitor and analyze what other successful OnlyFans creators are doing on social media to promote themselves. That way, he has been able to create promotional strategies that work for himself ­– which clearly have been effective for him.

The first two episodes of Click Boys followed the lives of other LGBTQ+ OnlyFans creators like Matthew Camp and Brock Banks. The series will also have dedicated episodes for adult film stars Noah Way and Ty Mitchell in the coming weeks.

This series has been insightful and eye-opening for a lot of viewers when it comes to the work that it takes for queer OnlyFans stars to create content, promote themselves, and stay relevant in this current landscape. Click Boys has also discussed the stigma and personal toll that this career path can take on certain creators, which is a very important topic of discussion.

The LGBTQ+ community plays a significant role in pop culture – whether that is in movies, TV shows, music, digital content, video games, and/or live performances. Clearly, it isn’t any different when it comes to the adult film industry as well.

Click Boys airs Mondays on WOW Presents Plus.

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