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This Gay Adult Actor's New Leg Tat Proves He's the Biggest Swiftie

This Gay Adult Actor's New Leg Tat Proves He's the Biggest Swiftie

alejo ospina

If you think you're a bigger Taylor Swift fan than Alejo Ospina, you might wanna think again...

We finally know what true standom looks like thanks to one well-endowed gay adult star!

Adult content creator Alejo Ospina is going viral this week for his latest tattoo: a full leg piece that doesn't just contain one lyric from one of his favorite pop girlies, but the whole dang song.

Ospina's new buzzworthy tat covers his entire leg, from his buttocks to his knee. It's quite the statement of devotion to Taylor Swift, as it features the entire lyrics from the extended ten-minute-long version of her song "All Too Well."

Ospina explained that "All Too Well" wasn't his original idea for a lyric tattoo.

"I actually wanted to get "better off" lyrics by Ariana (Grande) but it's not long enough for what I wanted in my leg," he explained in a tweet. "I love this one by TS and it's pretty much the only one song long enough to cover a whole leg."

God bless that 10-minute version!

Ospina already had at least two other Ariana tattoos, showing that while he may be the internet's top Swiftie, he's also got an Arianator heart. Ospina has a small tattoo of Ariana's iconic bunny mask on his neck, as well as a much larger Ari tattoo on his arm.

That tattoo is a large black and gray portrait of Ariana wearing the Dangerous Woman era bunny mask, covering his upper arm and shoulder. Stans will truly do anything for the ones they love!

Ospina has plenty of pictures showing off his tattoos (and body) on his Instagram, and definitely has more on his OnlyFans. Make sure to follow to see what stan tattoo he gets next!

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