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Gen V Brought an Outrageous 'C*cksplosion' To TV — And We Love It!

Gen V Brought an Outrageous 'C*cksplosion' To TV — And We Love It!

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This The Boys spinoff is even more extreme than the original!

Once again, the world of The Boys is pushing the limits of what extreme TV can show.

We’re only a couple weeks into the world of Gen V, the college-focused spinoff of the superhero show The Boys, and it’s already going further, faster, and raunchier than its predecessor ever did.

While The Boys is famous for stunts like a boat crashing into a whale, a dolphin being run over by a truck, a man having sex with an octopus, a twenty-foot-long prehensile penis, and lots of exploding bodies, Gen V is taking things even further.

In episode 4 of the show, now streaming on Prime Video, the show’s main character Marie uses her blood powers in a new and explosive way.

After Marie’s roommate Emma has gone missing after shrinking down and breaking into the underground supe experimentation lab under the college, Marie turns to a classmate for help.

This classmate is Rufus, a psychic with “roofie-like” powers, who offers to use his powers to find Emma, but only if Marie will pay him back with sexual favors.

After Marie blacks out, she wakes up in Rufus’ room, standing over her naked. Then, she uses her blood powers to rush all the blood in Rufus’ body straight to his penis. As her friend Jordan tries to bang the door down, Marie pushes the blood too far and makes Rufus’ penis explode in spectacular, bloody fashion.

Variety talked to executive producers Eric Kripke and Michele Fazekas about the “cocksplosion.”

“We never came into this saying, 'We want to top The Boys.’”Fazekas said. “That scene, yes, is about a cocksplosion, but it came from a lot of women in my writers’ room who’ve gone to college and who’ve had these shitty experiences with dudes in college, where you’re like, ‘Is this guy a predator?’ Feeling unsafe. That’s where it came from, of young women going into college. We never start with the outrageous thing, we always start with the story.”

New episodes of

Gen V premiere on Prime Video every Friday. Keep watching to see what explodes next!

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