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Chucky vs. M3GAN? Child's Play Creator Don Mancini Says It’s Possible

Chucky vs. M3GAN? Child's Play Creator Don Mancini Says It’s Possible

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The Child's Play creator isn't ruling out the possibility of the two horror icons facing off on screen in the future!

Editor's note: this post contains spoilers for the Season 3 midseason finale of Chucky.

Child’s Play creator Don Mancini is excited to see just how bad Chucky can get in the upcoming second half of the third season of Syfy/USA Network’s Chucky.

The second half of the season hasn't been filmed yet, but Mancini teases big things coming. As the show stands right now, Chucky’s body has been affected by a Catholic exorcism, leading to him rapidly aging, and he’s murdered Jake, Devon, and Lexy’s teacher – leaving them without any parental figures and having to grow up on their own.

“Their thirst for vengeance is starting to become an adult’s thirst for vengeance,” Mancini told Variety about the three protagonists. “As Chucky — horribly — says when he’s killing Miss Fairchild, ‘I couldn’t resist making those kids orphans one last time.’ That incentivizes them to up their games, which you’ll see as the season goes on.”

Mancini is also upping the stakes in a meta way, with Chucky – who has been around since the ’80s, finding his place in a modern world of violence and horror.

“He really has to contend with legitimate new contenders to the throne like M3GAN and Annabelle,” Mancini says. “He has to deal with that place for himself in the pop culture world and that’s how we really touch the ground with Chucky. We give this off-the-wall character a crisis that has the sting of real pain and real life. But it just makes him angrier and you know what happens when Chucky gets angry.”

While Chucky is the pinnacle of evil dolls, M3GAN is a new contender for the crown. After debuting in her successful and viral self-titled film, a sequel is already on the way. And like Chucky, she’s already become a gay icon.

Does that mean the two might see a crossover sometime soon? Variety asked Mancini about the possibility, as the two characters are both owned by NBCUniversal.

“I would say, stay tuned,” Variety reported Mancini saying “sounding matter of fact.”

We would absolutely LOVE to see Chucky and M3GAN fight, or even team up. Mancini is one of the greatest minds in camp and horror, and if anyone could do it, he’s the right pick.

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