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Teddy Geiger Talks Finding Herself in Her New Song 'In Spades'

Teddy Geiger Talks Finding Herself in Her New Song 'In Spades'

teddy geiger

The singer/songwriter is stretching her wings on her new album Teresa.

Teddy Geiger’s new song “In Spades” is here to take you on a journey through memory and reflection.

“I’ll make a guarantee, my fate is sealed/If ever you’re in need, my love is real,” the 34-year-old singer/songwriter sings on the ethereal track.

Geiger describes the sound of the song as a mix of “tide pool moon reflection” and “longing for a warm memory,” and I couldn’t say it better. It’s perfect music to listen to while in your feelings or in your bedroom.

The lyrics dive deep into what it means to be in love, something Geiger knows a lot about.

“There are people in my life that I’ve felt very connected to, sometimes in and out of touch, or like weaving in and out of each others’ lives,” she tells Out. “It’s kind of a love letter to the memory of a feeling. Like a dream of past life experiences.”

While many fans may know Geiger from her work writing songs for pop artists like Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan, her solo work is much more personal.

“Working on projects with an artist, I do my best to make myself available to serve their vision,” she says. “Making this album was very much just something I needed to do to process my own experience and reconnect with myself.”

“I wrote these songs [for Teresa] back in 2019 maybe like a year or so into my transition, so there was a lot of new in my life,” she reveals. “I took a trip to Spain for some self exploration. The album reflects that time. I think of it a little bit like wandering around strange new terrain (foggy twilight feeling my way around. mossy stones, abandoned overgrown structures and forgotten things lying around. Strange beautiful creatures.)”

She calls the album her “exploration of my very freshly developed feminine experience” and that coming out, she really feels like she could express herself more honestly in general.

Teresa is out on November 1.

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