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Janelle Monae's 'Lipstick Lover' Is the Sexiest Music Video Ever

Janelle Monae's 'Lipstick Lover' Is the Sexiest Music Video Ever

janelle monae

The artist also announced a new album, The Age of Pleasure !

Janelle Monáe is bringing sexy back to queer music!

The hottest freeassmothaf*cka on earth has released Thee Sexiest Song of the Summer!!! Monáe just unleashed their sexy as hell music video for the new sapphic anthem “Lipstick Lover,” and at the same time, has announced when her next album, The Age of Pleasure , will come out.

The video for “Lipstick Lover” is already a classic piece of queer cinema. It starts with Monáe being kissed next to a pool and then being dragged off to be a sapphic bacchanal by a beautiful woman.

From there, it’s more naked women, more revelry, lots and lots of butts, and lots and lots of kisses.

With lines like “I like lipstick on my neck, leave a sticky hickey in a place I won’t forget,” and “I seen it from the back and I’m excited, tell me what you do when we walk up in the room,” Monáe has crafted a perfect ode to lesbian love.

“I just wanna feel your lips on mine,” she sings. “I just wanna feel a little tongue, we don’t have a long time.”

This has got to be the gayest and greatest music video I’ve ever seen. One of the highlights has to be when Monáe is sitting at the foot of an old shirtless butch smoking a cigar. It’s got foot stuff, whipped cream, femdom, squirting jokes, tons of sex toys, fruit, naked asses and breasts, a Pokemon onesie, simulated masturbation, and all the hip gyrations you could ask for.

It’s a pure celebration of love between two women, or, in the case of this party, many women.

Janelle Monáe - Lipstick Lover [Official Music Video]

Along with the new video comes the announcement of their next album, The Age of Pleasure .

“As we enter into The Age Of Pleasure , “Lipstick Lover” is our freeassmothaf*cka anthem inspired by f.a.m. for f.a.m. This is our oasis made with love, rooted in self-acceptance, throbbing in self-discovery, and signed with cherry-red kisses from me to you,” Monáe said in a statement.

Monáe’s new album, also featuring the terrific single “Float,” will be released on June 9, making it our most anticipated album of the summer.

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