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It’s impossible to envision the LGBT community without lesbians. From Sappho to Sister Rosetta Tharpe to Ellen, lesbians have always been some of the most creative and vocal supporters of living openly, and have lent their creativity to the cause of equality. It’s hard to imagine a world where LGBT people are as accepted as they are today without the persistence and smarts of lesbian activists. Out.com has everything lesbian, from interviews with TV personalities to developments with LGBT women’s sexual health.

You never forget your first kill...

May 12 2022 1:59 PM

"I hope every woman gets to experience this at least once in their life, what I've been experiencing lately."

May 10 2022 3:56 PM

Crush is the perfect movie to lift your spirits in between protesting against all the anti-LGBTQ+ bills and laws coming down the pipeline.

May 04 2022 10:48 AM

The series introduced the world to lesbian superhero Ryan Wilder, played by bi actress Javicia Leslie.

April 29 2022 5:17 PM

The lesbian pop singer also talks to Out about her latest trilogy of sapphic bops — and what's coming next!

April 28 2022 9:44 AM