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greta gerwig

If Barbieland Was Real, It Would Be Located in This Gay Mecca

Neil deGrasse Tyson has done the math to find the magical world's true location.

Bill Maher Rages Against 'Barbie' Movie & Completely Misses the Point

The host of Real Time With Bill Maher is absolutely livid about the message in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

Lily Collins Set to Star in 'Polly Pocket' Film Following 'Barbie' Success

Mattel is planning a whole cinematic universe centered around their toys!

'Barbie' Almost Had Cameos From These 6 Amazing Actors

Dan Levy and Timothée Chalamet could have been in Barbieland!??!

'Barbie' Review: The Year's Best Film Is an Ode to Womanhood

It's hard to imagine anyone but the most jaded viewer would be disappointed by Barbie.

What Barbie Means to Gay Boys

Barbie was a friend, a possibility, a glamorous vessel of pure fabulosity, writes Out's editor in chief.

Here Are All the 'Barbie' Looks Margot Robbie Rocked on the Red Carpet

The actress has been spreading pure Barbie fantasy all over the world.

Greta Gerwig Wanted 'Barbie' Cameos For Her Favorite Actors

She considers Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan her children.

Alexandra Shipp: 'Barbie' Shows the Beauty of a Matriarchal Society

Out cover star Alexandra Shipp is proud to be in a feminist film showcasing the power of the matriarchy.

'Barbie's Scott Evans Was Born to Play a Ken

Scott Evans still can’t believe he was cast in Barbie. But for the out gay actor and Out cover star, the road to toy land now seems fated.

'Barbie' Is an LGBTQ+ Party, Attest Greta Gerwig and Out's Cover Stars

For director Greta Gerwig, bringing LGBTQ+ actors like Out cover stars Alexandra Shipp, Hari Nef, and Scott Evans into Barbieland was a no-brainer.

Dua Lipa Teases New 'Barbie' Movie Disco Song 'Dance the Night'

Come on Dua, let's go party!

Hari Nef Shares Powerful Message About Being Cast in 'Barbie'

"We call ourselves ‘the dolls’ in the face of everything we know we are, never will be, hope to be. We yell the word because the word matters. And no doll matters more than Barbie."

Here Are All the Actresses Playing Barbie in the New Live-Action Movie

If there's one thing Barbie's gonna do, it's SERVE LOOKS!

Here Are All the Actors Playing Ken in the New 'Barbie' Movie

The Barbies aren't the only ones serving up looks in Warner Bros.' upcoming live-action film!