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Nathan Lane Sings About His 'Gay Old Life' in New Dicks: The Musical Clip

Nathan Lane Sings About His 'Gay Old Life' in New Dicks: The Musical Clip

Nathan Lane in 'Dicks: The Musical'
A24 Music via YouTube

A hilarious new song from the film adaptation of the musical just dropped!

It’s a gay old life being queer!

A new song from A24's Dicks:The Musical just dropped and between the lyrics, Nathan Lane’s singing, and a special ending from Megan Mullally, it’s the gayest thing we’ve seen in ages and we can’t stop listening to it!

The jazzy number “Gay Old Life,” which was released alongside a lyric video, is sung by Nathan Lane’s character Harris as he’s reflecting back on his exciting life.

With a plot that’s borrowing heavily from the Parent Trap, the film adaptation of the stage play follows long-lost identical twin brothers Trevor and Craig—played by Aaron Jackson and Josh Smart who also write the script— as they plot to reunite their divorced parents (Lane and Mullally).

The song opens with Lane singing, "I'm gay. Queer as a three-dollar bill and just as thin. I wake up, drink my coffee, have brunch around eleven. Walk my bichon-frisé, then nap till half-past seven."

Nathan Lane - Gay Old Life (Official Lyric Video) | Dicks: The Musical

But the song quickly diverts from a description of his delightfully gay life into a tale of how he found his “sewer boys,” two humanoid creatures Lane’s character keeps in a cage. He describes them as “two creatures so bloody, so foul, so carefree” who turned violent and “tried to rip out my trachea, bite off my dick.”

The song ends with a split screen of Lane and Mullally, who is singing nonsensical lyrics like, "I bathe in bleach" and “I suck on corn.”

The lyric video also gives you a sneak peak of Megan Thee Stallion’s performance and out gay actor Bowen Yang as God.

Dicks: The Musical will be released in select theaters on October 6 and nationwide October 20.

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