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Megan Thee Stallion's Dicks: The Musical Song Proves She's the Biggest Boss

Megan Thee Stallion's Dicks: The Musical Song Proves She's the Biggest Boss

megan thee stallion

As if we had any doubt!

Dicks: The Musical is bringing the bops!

Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson’s new comedy musical film follows two self-obsessed businessmen who discover they’re long-lost identical twins. They then decide to work together to reunite their divorced parents (played by legends Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally).

Dicks: The Musical features a score by Marius de Vries and Karl Saint Lucy. Saint Lucy also wrote the music for the original stage musical the movie is based on alongside Sharp and Jackson. They also produced and co-wrote an all new song for one of the best rappers alive: Megan Thee Stallion.

In “Out Alpha the Alpha,” Megan raps about how she’s the ultimate girlboss, even outbossing all the men in her world. Fittingly, in the movie, Megan plays Gloria Masters, the CEO of the company where the two main characters work. This song shows why she’s the boss.

The Houston-based rapper’s bravado is perfectly suited for the song, which boasts brags bigger than Megan’s ass. Over a bouncy, happy-go-lucky piano-and-horns-led tune, Megan raps that she’ll “Out Alpha the alpha, out-screw these cucks, outplay all these losers, out-juice all these nuts.”

“Imagine, if you will, we murdered all the males,” Megan says in a spoken-word bridge. “A woman-driven world, where equity prevails. Sadly, that's not how it is, but don't you get upset. I'll put those boys right in their place, goddamn, that makes me wet, haha.”

Dicks: The Musical, directed by Larry Charles, is in select theaters today, October 6, and opens nationwide on October 20.

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