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David Dawson Talks Filming My Policeman Sex Scenes With Harry Styles

David Dawson and Harry Styles in My Policeman

My Policeman star David Dawson is opening up about playing Harry Styles’ love interest in the upcoming movie and filming sex scenes with the British popstar-turned-actor.

In the film, Styles plays Tom Burgess and Dawson plays Patrick Hazlewood. Even though Tom gets married to Marion Taylor (played by Emma Corrin), he falls in love with Patrick and has an affair with him.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dawson talked about filming the sex scenes in My Policeman with Styles:

“[Director] Michael Grandage was wonderful in that respect. He created a space that was full of nothing but support, and brought on a wonderful intimacy coordinator, and the four of us explored what we wanted those scenes to be, together. Me and Harry promised each other we would always look out for each other during it. I can’t emphasize the importance of an intimacy coordinator enough.”

Dawson also joked about how odd it was to meet Styles for the first time prior to shooting the film, noting:

“Because of COVID, we had to do our meet and greet on Zoom. The day Michael says, ‘You’re going to be meeting Harry Styles on Zoom,’ [you think], ‘How strange is life.’ Very quickly you have to get rid of the musician you knew him as before. He’s a good Northern lad like myself. And we had the luxury of a three-week rehearsal process to build on that friendship and chemistry.”

Styles has shared pretty similar sentiments in the press in recent interviews. For instance, Styles told Rolling Stone that he often sees gay sex in film being “two guys going at it, and it kind of removes the tenderness from it” – which isn’t something they wanted for My Policeman.

Fans are eagerly awaiting to watch My Policeman once it’s out in theaters and on streaming.

My Policeman opens October 21 in select theaters and will be available to stream starting November 4 on Amazon Prime Video.

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