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That High-Fashion Chastity Cage Is Now in an Advertisement

Diptych of a fashion advertisement.

Chastity had a big year in 2019. We did a few pieces on the practice, diving deep with CagedJock and then talking about the IRL public ramifications with SelfAuthoredSub. And then it was spotted in Paris at fashion week.

While the device didn’t walk down the runway — that we know of — jewelry designer Alan Crocetti incorporated chastity cages into his latest collection. This came by way of a few diamond encrusted  cages themselves, to be worn as objects attached to the belt loop (sort of like a pendant or a stop watch or something) as well as charms to be worn on necklaces. The cages were diamond encrusted — truly, fine jewelry. And if you thought this was all just an elaborate prank, you’re absolutely wrong.

In a series of Instagram posts, Crocetti has begun to release the imagery for the “Flowers From Exile” campaign — the collection the chastity cages were in. And, you guessed it, featured prominently in the photo is the encrusted cage. We love to see it.

To be fair, it’s not just about the cages, Crocetti makes some darn good jewelry. The ears of the models are cluttered with his gold and silver earrings, stacked atop each other, as are their necks. One particular earring appears as one long piece of gold twisted and curled back onto itself, in an elaborate knot around the wearer’s lobe. Another version comes as an earcuff called the “Space Warp,” also curls and ropes around the ear. The pieces are, in a word, beautiful, and likely more wearable than a chastity cage. But for those who are curious, the devices do have a meaning!

"As I represented on the chastity devices and chastity necklace, morality reduces human desire to the dichotomy of sex as corruption," Crocetti wrote in his press notes about the collection. "As a designer, I personally felt push backs for expressing my take on sex and sensuality. Despite relying on romance, art, and poetry, my work has been constantly censored by social media platforms as if my photos could corrupt and desensitize individuals away from preconceived notions of sacred intimacy.”

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