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Here’s High Fashion’s Latest Ass-Out Trousers

A triptych of a model walking while opening the back of their pants.

And they are only $125.

This month last year we were talking about Palomo Spain's ass-less trousers. They came with a buttoned back, made for opening up the seat of the well tailored pants, giving access to whomever or whatever you might need to. They were one of many products that the brand eventually put on sale around Christmas time. But this year, another fashion brand has issued a pair.

Random Identities has had a pretty stand out year. We named its creator Stefano Pilati to our Out100 list for his creation of the label, and have spotted the signature Worker's Boot all over queer nightlife. And now, their rip away pants could be set to do something similar.

"Baddie alert," the Random Identities Instagram account wrote in a caption with the hashtag "Felt hot not deleting later." The post was to showcase the label's white satin cargo pants. In the video, photographer Jakob Landvik, who is wearing the trousers walks away from the camera. He's wearing a bomber from the line as well as the signature boot and the aforementioned pants.

As he walks though, he unzips the back of the pants to reveal a thong underneath. Well, and his ass. But also the thong. You get the picture! Just watch it for yourself!

One thing we've noticed about Random Identities is the brand is generally quite sensibly priced for high-fashion pieces. In the case of these trousers, they are $125! It's a pretty perfect price and what better time than now to get them? There's all of the vegging and aftermath from Christmas gorging to look forward to, then there's the uptick in ... sexy parties around New Year's Eve that you can pull them back out for, and then of course there's Mid Atlantic Leather come January.

For those interested in the specifics, the trousers are mid-rise with multiple pockets that button close. The waistband is understandably a drawstring, as are the cuffs. In that way, the design is also quite utilitarian in styling.

And if the pants are a little much for you but you want something that maybe ... just winks to sex: the brand is also selling a belt they call their P.A. Belt. The hook for said belt looks remarkably similar to a Prince Albert ... but it's also on sale!

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