Tim Gunn, Superhero

Forget sad old weird Project Runway 2.0. Our hero Tim Gunn has a new starring role -- in the Marvel Comics series Models Inc. Trading his signature suits for a bespoke ensemble of red-and-gold armor, Marvel's Gunn will fight for justice for the vintage fashion-oriented Marvel character Millie the Model, who's been accused of murder.

"Involving flesh-and-blood people like Gunn in the action-packed doings of heroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man is a Marvel tradition, [writer Paul] Tobin points out. 'It’s inherent in our creations that they live in the real world,' he says."

The four-issue series debuts in August. Looks like this won't be your everyday wardrobe makeover, but we're confident Gunn can make it work.


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Photo: Getty Images

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