Steel Or Fur? New 'Man Of Steel' and 'Wolverine' Trailers Debut

Steel Or Fur? New 'Man Of Steel' and 'Wolverine' Trailers Debut

Iron Man 3 was just the first of many superhero movies on the slate for this summer. Next up are Man Of Steel, the new Superman flick debuting June 14, and the latest Wolverine romp starring Hugh Jackman, out July 26. And as the marketing campaigns for both heat up, we mere mortals are being treated to two new trailers for both flicks. From what we can see here, little orphan Superman will be busy fighting fellow Kryptonians led by General Zod and poor, long-suffering Wolverine will head to Japan to become mortal because he's tired of all the beastly drama. Such sensitive men!

Don't worry, though, if brown-haired Jackman and Henry "Superman" Cavill aren't your thing, blondie Chris "Thor" Hemsworth will be taking a turn in his own sequel this fall.

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