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Jon Wang is Finding Solace in Silkworms & Queer Spas

For his next passion project, the artist is creating a spa for queer, non-binary and trans people.

The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film

Brutality and tenderness. Recklessness and wisdom. Lust and love. It's all here.

Those Gay Guardians of the Galaxy

The team leader was basically a blue penis.

Summer Road Trip: Yellowstone Park

Visiting the classic American destination never goes out of style

The Striking Muxe

Like their Native American Two-Spirit sisters to the north, the muxes are an integral part of Zapotec culture, revered, not reviled.

Today in Gay History: Michelangelo, Art Star

Renaissance artist continues to feed fantasies.

Today in Gay History: WH Auden's Fellatio Poem

'And here he was sitting beside me, legs apart...'

Today in Gay History: A Fatal Political Outing, 1902-Style

German arms dealer Friedrich Alfred Krupp couldn't slay his own demons.

Today in Gay History: Oprah, Lesbian Separatists, and Evolution

Oprah's 1988 Valentine's episode introduced lesbians as "women who hate men."

Today in Gay History: LA Law's Lesbian Kiss Episode

The NBC legal series broke ground and started a trend to use same-sex smooches as a publicity stunt

Today in Gay History: Ramon Novarro's Murder (and Birth)

The silent film star's career was overshadowed by his death.

Today in Gay History: Dreamboat Scottish Artist Duncan Grant

Happy birthday to a handsome Scottish artist whose influence is still felt today.

Today in Gay History: Real Gay on Public Television

Lance Loud broke barriers, with his best face forward.

A Mourning Drunk's Riff on Acceptance

It takes practice and vigilance and can take longer than one expects

The Fifth Beatle: Graphic Tales of the Gay Man Behind the Fab Four

Graphic tales of the gay man behind the Fab Four

Meet Los Lobos: Mexico City's gay football players

Mexico City’s gay football players use sports to expand rights

Meet Zemmoa, Mexico City's Reigning Disco Queen

How a fey schoolboy with big dreams became Mexico City’s reigning disco queen