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Tommy Lee Deletes Transphobic Insta Post, Says He's 'Gayest MFer Around'

Tommy Lee Deletes Transphobic Insta Post, Says He's 'Gayest MFer Around'

tommy lee

“Shit, I’m the gayest motherf*cker around!”

Former Mötley Crüe drummer and Pam and Tommy subject Tommy Lee made some confusing statements about trans people on his Instagram, and in doing so, also called himself the “gayest motherf*cker around.”

Lee posted a six year old video of OAN news anchor Liz Wheeler lying about what it means to be trans and comparing trans people to Rachel Dolezal, who lied about being Black, and to people who are into the adult baby fetish.

It’s a brainless clip full of terrible and hollow arguments that don’t even make sense if you listen to them.

However, Lee then deleted the post, and posted a sort of nonapology explaining that he’s not actually transphobic, he just thinks things are going too far.

“I deleted my ‘controversial’ post because I am in no way transphobic or against the LGBTQIA+ community… shit. I’m the gayest motherf*cker around,” he wrote over a background of pink penises and balls.

Is this a coming out? If so, congratulations! But, maybe he just means he likes to wear tight leather pants and eyeliner?

“I just don’t agree with how far some things have been taken,” he continued. “I just think it’s crazy that some people are blinding themselves because they feel they should’ve been born blind.”

“I get being born female and identifying as male or being born male and identifying as female or whatever,” he conceded. “But when people start identifying as babies or animals… WTF! I posted that because it got me thinking (and you should too) about where this and our world is all going.”

To be clear, there is no “movement” of people who fight for the right to “identify” as babies or animals or disabled people, and people who have fetishes about roleplaying as babies and animals have nothing to do with trans people.

Transphobes have falsely conflated the trans community with fetishes and ultra-rare mental disorders like Body Integrity Dysphoria for decades in an attempt to undermine and discredit the community.

Lee also seems to think that Artificial Intelligence has something to do with this rapidly changing world.

“Aaaand don’t even get me started with the AI sh*t,” he wrote in the post. “Before you know it, you’ll be wondering if anything in this world is real or what it seems.”

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