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RuPaul's Drag Race star Amethyst comes out as trans

RuPaul's Drag Race star Amethyst comes out as trans

Amethyst in the 'Amy' single artwork
John Gram; Instagram (@johngramphotos/@thatssoamethyst)

Amethyst, who competed in the 15th season of RuPaul's Drag Race, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her transition.


RuPaul's Drag Race season 15 star Amethyst has come out as trans through emotional and beautiful letter shared on social media.

On Saturday, July 6, Amethyst posted an Instagram carousel of a handwritten letter addressing her fans and followers. In the letter, Amethyst explains her long journey with gender identity and notes that she's struggling to meet the financial needs associated with transitioning.

The letter reads as follows:

"Hi friends — First I wanted to say thanks a million for all the support with the new music coming out in a couple of weeks! It makes me incredibly happy so many are looking forward to listening. BUT that's not what this sappy letter is about! I wanted to take a couple minutes and open up to everyone about some things that have been going on in my personal life."

She continued, "The truth is, I've been struggling severely with my gender dysphoria more than ever in recent months. It's something that I've always concealed in the back of my mind, and through the years has slowly crept its way to the front. Last year was when things really started to hit me hard, and this mental warfare has just really escalated twice as fast since then. I let it get to a point where it was eating away at me and affecting everything in my life: my thoughts, my relationships, my confidence, but most importantly my sense of self. I knew what needed to be addressed but always told myself that I'll get to it when I'm ready."

Amethyst via InstagramAmethyst comes out as trans via Instagram (1/3)Instagram (@thatssoamethyst)

The Drag Race star continued:

"While this time in my life has been very much anticipated, I never imagined having the opportunity to confide in 100,000 people. Although I feel safe and supported, this is still a daunting decision to be so vulnerable. I wanted to let you all know that I'm trans and began HRT a little over a month ago."

"Even in this short amount of time, the comparison to how I was feeling just a few months ago is night and day," she wrote. "It's a different sense of happiness that is slowly but surely bringing back my self-assurance, and every day it gets easier to look in the mirror. Like the meds, my chosen family are also helping me tremendously and have played such an important role in beginning my transition comfortably with their love and support. I really can't thank them enough for just how much they've done for me."

Amethyst via InstagramAmethyst comes out as trans via Instagram (2/3)Instagram (@thatssoamethyst)

The season 15 contestant went on:

"Along with this affirmation journey comes expensive procedures that my insurance either completely doesn't cover or covers only a fraction of the cost. As someone who's always been independent since they were a kid, asking for help isn't something that's super easy for me. But unfortunately my current financial situation doesn't really leave me any other option. So, I'm going to start raising funds for my FFS, if anyone would like to help make this affordable to me."

She concluded, "As of right now I'm just going with Amy out of drag, which I thank Malaysia for. (I know it's somewhat reminiscent of my drag name, but true story: she was the first one to call me that, and the first time she did, I had a little lightbulb over the head moment.) I feel a lot of pressure to pick the perfect name, but in the meantime, this is a comfy placeholder for me. I appreciate you all so much and your support means the world to me. If I've learned one thing in the last year or two, it's to make sure I remind myself how lucky I am to have the amount of people in my corner that I do. Thank you."

Amethyst via InstagramAmethyst comes out as trans via Instagram (3/3)Instagram (@thatssoamethyst)

The comments section is flooded with messages of support from Drag Race alumni and fans. Sasha Colby wrote, "Love you." Malaysia Babydoll Foxx replied, "AMY WE LOVE YOU!" Aja commented, "Chrannies unite." Luxx Noir London replied to the post with a disco ball emoji and heart emojis.

Plasma wrote, "Gorgeous girl!! Love u!!" Denali commented, "Congrats angel!" Aura Mayari replied, "Proud of uuuuuu love u!" Princess Poppy wrote, "I love you so much." Irene The Alien commented, "Doll domination!"

Amy has set up a GoFundMe page titled "Amy's Transition Fund" to receive donations that'll be used toward her transition. With a goal set to $10,000, Amy has already raised $1,525 in just two hours since sharing the Instagram post coming out as trans.

We couldn't be happier to see Amy taking this huge step to live as her most authentic self. If you can afford to help Amy, make sure to check out her official page to raise funds for these procedures.

You can learn more and make a donation to Amy's transition fund through her official GoFundMe page.

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Bernardo Sim

Bernardo Sim is a writer, content creator, and the deputy editor of Out. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.

Bernardo Sim is a writer, content creator, and the deputy editor of Out. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.