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This May Be Phaedra Parks' 1st Married to Medicine Season, But Don't Call Her a Rookie

This May Be Phaedra Parks' 1st Married to Medicine Season, But Don't Call Her a Rookie

This May Be Phaedra Parks' 1st Married to Medicine Season, But Don't Call Her a Rookie
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The RHOA alum, who is now the newest cast member of Married to Medicine, caught up with and spilled some tea to Out at BravoCon.

Season 10 of Married to Medicine is in full effect and the new southern belle in town is making her mark in her rookie season.

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta and Ultimate Girls Trip star Phaedra Parks is entering the medical field as she’s rubbing elbows with Dr. Heavenly, Dr. Jackie, Dr. Simone, and the lovely Atlanta ladies of this franchise. At BravoCon, Dr. Jackie shared that she has her eyes on Phaedra, as she’s entering “their” world, which sounds like Miss Parks might need to be on her p’s and q’s with these peaches.

In a conversation with Out, Parks discusses entering this season, and the differences between being on this franchise and RHOA.

Out: You’re making your return to Bravo as a full-time cast member entering the world of medicine with Married to Medicine. Why do you think this show was the right fit for you?

Phaedra Parks: Well, I know all of the women except for the newbies like Sweet Tea and Dr. Alicia. I actually prepared Dr. Jackie’s father when he had passed so I have very long-standing relationships with all of them. It was a good fit so I got into the holistic health arena. And I'm obviously dating a physician. I love them as professional women and they are hands down the smartest women on TV as they are doctors so that's a really beautiful thing.

How was this group of ladies as you entered into your rookie season?

For the most part, I think they were pretty welcoming. I think Toya was being Toya and thought we wouldn’t be friends and I’m like 'Toya, I’ve known you forever,' like what are you talking about? We’re going to be friends so let’s not let television come in between us having a true friendship. Everyone was super welcoming, and not saying she wasn’t super welcoming, but I know she’s had issues in the past and I’m close to Quad. They aren’t close as friends but what happens in someone else’s relationship is between them. How you treat me and make me feel when I’m in your company is what I go off of.

How has Married to Medicine been the same and different than being on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Well, they all have vaginas so that’s something they have in common. The difference is the conversations because these are professional women. Like myself, they have advanced degrees and they understand to go through a rigorous educational program and to be certified because doctors and lawyers have to be certified to do our jobs so we have a big appreciation for our jobs and what we do. We have more elevated conversations and the chatter is different. There's drama but a different type of drama. I do like how they are very respectful of each other.

When you were on RHOAwho would you say was your best sparring partner?

I would say Nene because she’s comical and quick on her feet. I love taking on Nene because she’s a good time and shady. It’s comical but not mean. So many people get caught up in being shady but they’re being mean and I don’t like mean girls. There’s a way to shade people but not go too far. Keep it surface, keep it cute. The girls do too much and you can’t come back when you do too much. So yes, I would say Nene.

Outside of reality television, what are some other ventures Phaedra is tapped into?

I am an attorney, author, funeral director, mortician, a not-so-silent partner in the Vault Showroom in Atlanta, and a Reiki Master.

Out of all of your high-profile cases, which one was your favorite to have been a part of and which one did you learn from the most?

The case I am most proud of is the murder appeal I won for Lena Driskell. Ms. Driskell was the oldest woman convicted of murder in the state of Georgia. From that case, I learned that having a skilled attorney can change the trajectory of any case despite the facts.

Now one of the biggest anticipations is to see how Quad reacts to her ex-husband's new wife joining the cast. Without giving too much away, how did THAT go down?

You will have to tune in and see it for yourself!

Will we see Phaedra in mommy mode?

Yes, being a parent is always my first priority.

Married to Medicine airs Sundays at 9pm ET on Bravo and the following day on Peacock.

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