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‘Love Is Blind’s Carlton Was Once on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Love Is Blind's Carlton.

The internet will find anything in your past.

The internet never forgets. Ever!

Let this be a lesson to you as you go about your life, making viral moments and popping off on semi-celebrities. When your next moment comes, the internet will remember, and they will bring it back to your doorstep. This has been a lesson that Love Is Blind's Carlton has had to learn.

If you've been on the internet over the last few days -- or Twitter, specifically -- you've seen something about Love Is Blind. It's Netflix's new dating show where mixed-sex couples meet, sight unseen for a chance at love. To put it most simply: a bunch of men and women are put into a house, separated by gender, but all looking for love. They essentially speed date one another in pods wherein they can't see one another. From here, some of the men eventually propose, and within the span of three weeks, the couples are supposed to be headed down the aisle to the altar.

The show is peak chaotic energy and we love it. But of the many incredible moments, one has certainly gone viral: Carlton versus Diamond. Spoiler alert goes here.

As the couples pair off Carlton and Diamond hit it off. But, following the proposal and emerging from the pods, the two hit a wrinkle on their honeymoon. While we won't go into all of the details, you can watch the scene below. Carlton, as you'll find, let's loose a read that seems signed sealed and delivered from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

And maybe it was!

As Twitter has unveiled, Carlton, who is bisexual, did spend some time on the Bravo show. On season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Carlton got another viral moment as the assistant of Cynthia Bailey. Bailey was putting on a casting call for JET magazine's "Beauty of the Week" and asked Kenya Moore, then a fresh face on the show, to be a judge. But, when Moore's comments turned particularly insulting to the models, Bailey's staff stuck up for the models. One of the assistants called the comments "offensive" and "disrespectful." And then Carlton spoke up.

""I just think there's a respectful way to let them --" he says in the clip.

"Who are you and why are you talking to me?" Moore responds. The conversation ... escalates from there and then Moore had her personal security attempt to remove Carlton.

Other Twitter sleuths went so far as to search for Carlton's Instagram to confirm that he indeed was the same person -- he was. It's not his fault he just happens to have a disposition, primed for television.

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