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JoJo Siwa Shuts Down Candace Owens’ Absurd, Homophobic Comments

JoJo Siwa Shuts Down Candace Owens’ Absurd, Homophobic Comments

JoJo Siwa

Owens accused Siwa of "pretending to be a lesbian for attention."

Pro-Trump activist Candace Owens went on an unhinged rant on her podcast on April 4, saying that she doesn’t think that JoJo Siwa is gay, and is just seeking attention.

“I don’t believe JoJo Siwa is a lesbian, by the way, I want to state that very clearly, I believe she’s very desperate for attention,” Owens said in the video of her recording her podcast before showing a TikTok of Siwa explaining how she figured out she’s gay.

“The idea here is she suddenly realized she’s a lesbian because she had a bad date and she liked the way Jenna Dewan danced to Magic Mike. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

Owens said that it was “clear” that Siwa was just looking for attention, and that now she’s getting it.

It’s honestly ridiculous and absurd, and wouldn’t be worth mentioning, except for the great response from Siwa herself.

“I haven’t watched the video yet,” Siwa said when retweeting the rant. “But if it has anything to do with your caption, respectfully back the f*ck off.”

That’s really all that needs to be said after Owens’ quite frankly idiotic video.

Siwa came out in January of 2021 in a series of TikToks that hinted at her sexuality. She doesn’t use the word “lesbian” to describe herself.

She’s since explained that she fully realized she was queer and fell in love while at Disney World with a close female friend.

“I was here for 14 days with a girl that was my really good friend and I realized that, ‘Oh, I like her,’” Siwa said. “And having all those feelings while just being in the most magical place in the world and the happiest place on Earth was so cool. We're not together anymore, but we did have some really fun, happy memories here.”

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