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Matty Healy Gets Backlash for Accusing Harry Styles of Queerbaiting

Matty Healy Gets Backlash for Accusing Harry Styles of Queerbaiting

Matty Healy; Harry Styles

The 1975 singer is getting called out for his remarks about the queerness of Harry Styles and Pink.

Matty Healy is in hot water right now.

During a recent interview on The Adam Friedland Show, The 1975 vocalist shared his thoughts on artists like Pink and Harry Styles being attached to queerness. “Did you see that Pink’s getting canceled for looking like a lesbian for her career and now that’s being regarded as queerbaiting?” Healy remarked. “Loads of 18-year-olds are being like, ‘She’s done irreparable damage to the lesbian community.’”

The interviewer then asked Healy why he thinks Styles is allowed to ‘queerbait.’ The 1975 band member chimed in, “He gets a pass, I don’t know... I actually don’t think the gays really like it, it’s young girls that think it’s a new thing that are like, ‘Oh my god.’”

Unfortunately, what followed were both Healy and Friedland making rather problematic remarks like, “Gay men don’t have a problem with somebody pretending to be gay, they just jack off to it.”

Many queer fans of music are calling out Healy for doing a lot of similar things that he has seemingly criticized Styles for, such as wearing pieces of clothes that have traditionally been worn by women and engaging in queerness without actively identifying as queer in the public.

The point fans are making is that if Healy wants to criticize Styles of “queerbaiting,” he seems to engage in a lot of the same behaviors that lead to those accusations. As a result of this backlash, Healy has deactivated his Twitter account for the time being.

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