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T.J. Osborne's Brother Found Out He Was Gay From His Internet History

T.J. Osborne's Brother Found Out He Was Gay From His Internet History

Brothers Osborne


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Brothers Osborne star T.J. Osborne recently revealed how his brother and bandmate, John Osborne, found out that he's gay. Surprisingly, it's actually a pretty relatable story for a lot of LGBTQ+ people.

During an interview with SiriusXM's The Highway, T.J. explained that John already knew that he was gay before he officially came out to him.

"When he saw my internet history, he kind of knew," T.J. confessed.

Once the duo landed a major record deal, T.J. then sat down with John and explained that he had the intention of coming out as gay and not living his life in the closet.

T.J. also revealed that his coming out was never meant to make headlines or become something sensationalistic. As such, he put a lot of thought into how he would come out so that it wasn't turned into something bigger than it should be.

He recalled:

"At that point, I had come out to a couple of people that I thought really needed to know, but beyond that, I just did my thing. And John was always incredibly supportive of that."

In 2021, T.J. introduced the world to his boyfriend, Abi Ventura, via Instagram. This year, they both attended Nashville Pride and T.J. was named the Grand Marshal for the event.

We stan a gay country star with a great support system around him!

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