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Kit Connor & Joe Locke Slam Speculation Over Their Dating Lives

Kit Connor & Joe Locke Slam Speculation Over Their Dating Lives


“I’m 18… I don’t know who I am yet,” the Heartstopper star noted.

Kit Connor and Joe Locke became global superstars following their portrayals of teen couple Nick and Charlie on Heartstopper season one. With so much popularity, however, also came scrutiny and accusations that the actors might be "queerbaiting" viewers into believing that they identified as LGBTQ+ in their personal lives.

During an interview withBritish GQ, Locke opened up about how difficult it was to navigate his newfound fame:

"The idea of a tabloid being interested in a teenager's love life is really gross. Someone making money out of rumors about who I - an 18-year-old boy - might be liking or talking to, it's really gross and perverted."

He added, "I'm 18... I don't know who I am yet."

A week ago, Connor came out as bisexual while noting that he felt forced to do so. Thankfully, though, Connor shared a more positive perspective of his coming out during this interview with British GQ. "Social media is not a window into my soul at all," Connor remarked. "So [it] was the best decision of my life."

The actor continued:

"In many ways it's great, but as someone who's in the public eye, if you look for people saying bad stuff about you, you'll find it. (...) You want to know what people are saying. Everyone wants to be liked, which is slightly heartbreaking when you're in the position of someone like me or Joe."

Hopefully, the relentless speculation over the sexuality and dating life of these two 18-year-old actors will slow down now that more people are aware of how much it has impacted them in a negative way.

All episodes of Heartstopper season one are now streaming on Netflix.

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