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Lucy Liu Paints Erotic Lesbian Portraits — And We Love It

Lucy Liu Paints Erotic Lesbian Portraits — And We Love It

Lucy Liu and a painting

Harold, these paintings are lesbians.

Um, where has this news been all my life? Actress, artist, activist, and the World's Most Beautiful Woman, Lucy Liu, is also the creator of a collection of stunningly beautiful erotic lesbian paintings . Be still my poor lesbian heart.

We all, of course, know and love ourselves some Lucy Liu from her iconic roles in Ally McBeal , the 2000 Charlie's Angels (and its sequel), and Kill Bill: Vol. 1 . More recently, she plays Dr. Joan Watson in the modern Sherlock Holmes procedural Elementary , which has aired on CBS for seven seasons.

But whilst doing all of that, she's also been painting up a very gay storm.

Liu's studio page on her website is full of large expressionist portraits depicting two women in the midst of embracing and lovemaking. One shows two women embracing in a bed, tangled up in a green blanket as one woman's legs wrap around the other. Another shows two women with geisha-like faces and hair kissing while wrapped in robes. A third features two long-haired women kissing while nude. These paintings aren't just gay, they're steaming hot.

Other photos on her artist site show the actress in the midst of painting, with bold colors and broad gestures that suggest the shapes of bodies -- specifically the curves and soft lines of women's bodies. Everything is beautiful and gay, and Lucy Liu is beautiful and I am gay.

Liu has been showing her art at various shows since 1993 and works in several media including sculpture, screen printing, and painting. A lot of her work focuses on found objects and recognizing that you have a place where you belong.

The artist has said that she hopes that when people look at her art, they see something that changes them. "When that happens, it's such an inspiration, and it's such a significant moment," she told the website Artsy . "It spurs you to be somebody different or more than you are already. [It] spurs you to do something different."

I definitely think a lot of women will look at these paintings and be spurred "to do something different"... with other women. I know for sure I'm feeling something.

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