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New Looking Book Will Reveal Exclusive Insights Into the Series 


As we prepare for Looking: The Movie airing next month on HBO, we’ve been graced with another piece of excited news: A Looking photo book will be available for purchase this fall. Published by First Third Books and HBO Global Licensing, the book will document two seasons of the series, including behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, biographies, and set designs.


On one page, Jonathan Groff discusses Patrick:

The thing that broke my heart about him in Season 2 was when he got back together with Kevin, but you could see the writing on the wall that Kevin was not right for him. Everyone that cares about you can see it, but you have to experience it. With Richie, it was real and intimate, unadulterated and beautiful, but Patrick wasn’t ready for that. So he has this thing with Kevin almost as some kind of checklist situation, there was love there, but it was never going to end well. It was hard to watch him go through that, but he had to.


Then Groff opens up about acting in a queer show:

Working on a set where it’s not only okay to be gay, but it’s part of the job was amazing. I was in the closet until I was 23—if I could have snapped my fingers back and NOT be gay I would have done it instantly. But now, I’m so happy and grateful for it. This job is the best I have ever worked on and I would never had this if I wasn’t okay with who I was. When I came out I never imagined I would be doing this—to pour my heart and soul into a piece of art that was about being gay.

In another spread, production designer Todd Fjelsted explains the set design on the show:

Everything, apart from what the characters say and what they are wearing is our responsibility—the location, the furniture, the wallpaper, everything around them and even the street the characters are looking down. We sketch out stuff that involved builds or party scenes—like the one in the Redwoods. We work a couple of weeks ahead at least. We had to create a video game company out of the blue that had to look like an authentic San Franciscan company and build the entire set and create logos for the computers games the fictional company was designing. 

 Two version of the Looking book will be available. A standard edition of 500 copies retailing at $59 and a special edition, which will include an exclusive DVD and signed photo of Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, and Frankie J. Alvarez retailing at $88. 

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