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Here's What Looking Season 3 Would Have Looked Like

Here's What Looking Season 3 Would Have Looked Like

Here's What Looking Season 3 Would Have Looked Like

If only!!!

Is there a chance we might be able to dive back into the world of Looking?

The beloved HBO series may have only lasted for two seasons, but fans were left hungry for more after the 2016 movie that tied up some loose ends but created so many more.

So, what might have happened if the show had a third season?

Creator Michael Lannan shared some details with Entertainment Weeklyabout the original plans and unused ideas that would have taken our favorite characters on new and exciting journeys.

One of the major storylines would have obviously involved Patrick (Jonathan Groff) exploring relationships outside of the traditional monogamy he had experienced before. Lannan wanted to shatter the love triangle trope and have Patrick enter a relationship with someone whose sexuality was more fluid, challenging Patrick's own rigid views. Another idea was for Patrick to enter a throuple, giving him a fresh perspective on relationships.

Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) was always on a journey of self-discovery and growth. After meeting Eddie and working at a youth shelter, Agustín's story in season 3 would have explored other gender identities and his ability to keep an open mind.

Dom (Murray Bartlett) would have found himself in a new romantic relationship after ending things with Lynn. Lannan envisioned Dom being a "daddy" dating someone younger like a San Francisco activist who had recently come out of the closet after having a wife and child. Outside of his relationships, he also said we wanted to explore Dom’s professional life and perhaps have a “spin-off” where he opened a restaurant in San Francisco or Mexico City.

Doris (Lauren Weedman) had plans to embark on a journey of motherhood. Lannan wanted to delve deeper into how her gay friends reacted and got involved in her decision.

Richie (Raúl Castillo) had more to offer as well. In season 3, viewers would have learned more about Richie's life, the difficulties he faced with his father, and how the interactions with Patrick would fit into that mold. Lannan also contemplated Richie becoming a hair stylist for celebrities, adding a new kind of pressure to his life.

And last up is Kevin (Russell Tovey), whom the writers considered developing a drug addiction as he navigated the competitive tech and queer cultures. As opposed to a “drugs are bad” story, it would have been a compelling exploration of the pressures and consequences that come with trying to be the best version of oneself.

There’s also talk of some foursome-plus action with Dom and Patrick, which we’d be okay with being an entire episode on its own.

While we may never get to see these storylines come to life, Lannan hasn't ruled out the possibility of a Looking reunion. He's confident that the cast would be on board, and a Christmas special has even been tossed around as a potential project.

Here’s to hoping.

Looking is available to stream on Max.

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