The Heart Outside of My Body


By Out Contributor

Aisha & Danielle Moodie-Mills share the story of how they met and fell in love

Photography by Rob Howard

Aisha, politico: The man who introduced us 10 years ago, both of us knew his mother—and she said to him, “You know, when you get those two together, they’re going to fall in love.” And he’s like, “Oh, no they’re not. Whatever.” Sure enough, she called it.

We were both coming out of relationships and so we kind of just planned to be friends, to have a lesbian buddy to hang out with at the clubs. That lasted about maybe one or two outings... well, we fell in love at first sight. Danielle came into my life and taught me to stop taking myself so seriously. She’s not afraid to dream, and not only does she participate in my dreams with me, but she dreams for the both of us and encourages me and helps me to do so.

Not too long ago, we were at a bed and breakfast in Napa for a couple of days, and met a lovely couple. The husband was a middle-aged Republican white guy, and we were having a nice breakfast with these people. Since the year we got married, we talk about our wedding and honeymoon all the time. So one morning at breakfast, the gentleman finally asked us, very delicately, “So which one of you got married?” And we were like, “Oh! We got married to each other!”

Because we are both “gender-conforming” women, even if we’re holding hands or cuddling together, the last assumption on people’s minds is that we’re gay. At this point, even though we are some of the most public gays, we still come out every time we meet someone new. And we’re not offended and we certainly don’t recoil over this kind of stuff. I think that’s where we really realize the power of who we are.