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What exactly is the Hanky Code? Let's untuck its colorful, queer history!

Ever heard of the "Hanky Code?" Queer artist and activist Andy Simmonds' illustrations take us behind its sexy, and colorful, history!

Matthew Morrocco's Complicit Brings Beauty Back to Our Queer Elders

The photographer talks the intergenerational relationships that helped him create his book, sugar daddies, and why "queer history isn’t just for queer people."

Enter Spyros Rennt's Unfiltered, NSFW World in Another Excess

The photographer talks Yello's inspiring 1983 album and why "maybe everyone has threesomes now" ahead of his solo gallery debut at Berlin's M.I/mi1glissé. 

Ah Mer Ah Su is Serving TPOC Realness From Berlin to Oakland

We caught up with the singer in Berlin to talk about Dice Festival, the global push for trans representation, and crying over Feist. 

COBRAH is the Lesbian Queen of Sweden's Fetish Scene

We caught up with the rising queer star to talk her new song "IDFKA," fighting anxiety, and her love for Kate Bush. 

Bruce LaBruce, Yony Leyser & Silas Howard on Queercore's Punk History

The filmmakers talk about what queer means to them today, “fake news,” and why humor is key to fighting fascism.

Meet GAMI, the Mastermind Behind Red Bull's 12-Hour Miami Rave

We caught up with her to talk about bringing trans visibility to nightlife, her Internet Friends collective, and Madonna’s 1995 MTV pajama party. 

Papi Juice is the Queer Party Collective Changing Nightlife

We caught up with the crew in Miami as they brought their "Papi Juice" to Red Bull Music's Swetboxx. 

Ballet Dancer James Whiteside is Trading Vapid Princes For a Descent Into Madness

We caught up with the star to talk his new role in The Tenant at the Joyce Theater, Betty Boop Halloween costumes, and his dream of being a cinematic villain.

This Filipino Artist is Capturing Raw Vulnerability in Bedrooms & Bathtubs

Queer photographer Regine David talks about her favorite image, Manila's creative climate, and cum crocodile tears.

'whew chile, the ghetto!' Brings Queer Black Energy to Tag Gallery (NSFW)

Rakeem Cunningham’s exhibition is on display at LA’s Tag Gallery through September 30, but click through for a special preview of his stunning nude self-portraits.

'Whew Chile,' Rakeem Cunningham Brought Ghetto to the Gallery

The artist talks his new show at LA's Tag Gallery, having a queer awakening through Final Fantasy, and why he's here for Troye Sivan's bottoming bops.

Pakistan's Transgender Community Finds a Powerful Voice in Rani

We talked to director Hammad Rizvi about casting trans actor Kami Sid for the role, violence, and showcasing our shared humanity. 

Masks Grapples With Mass Shootings Through a Queer Persian Lens

Filmmaker Mahaliyah Ayla O talks surviving a mass shooting, Pulse nightclub, and bringing diversity to the screen.

Susanne Bartsch on Death, Lady Gaga, & Staying 'On Top' of New York

The queen of the night and Susanne Bartsch: On Top directors Anthony & Alex talk nightlife, legacies, and being mothered by the Chelsea Hotel. 

Bayli is Serving Up Queer Weirdo Energy on Her Summer Mixtape

The musician talks horoscopes, breaking down heteronormativity, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Daniel Jack Lyon's 'Hotel Luso' is a Loving Ode to Queer Mozambicans

The human rights activist talks documenting the community for years and why young queer Mozambicans are paving a new path.