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Astrologer Chani Nicholas Didn't Have to Look to the Stars to Find Love

Love Portfolio: Chani Nicholas + Sonya Passi
Photography: Luke Fontana

All it took was a weekend in New York, she left the rest up to fate.

Chani Nicholas, Astrologer

We met in L.A. when she was on vacation. She lived in New York, and after we met we had a FaceTime get-to-know-you period of like six weeks. I flew out, and we had a weekend in New York, and it was just one of those things where you laugh so hard you don't even know what's going on. We just had this incredible weekend of total joy. It was an amazing time.

There's never a moment when I don't want to hang out with her or tell her everything that happened to me. We have this constant and very deep rapport. We're always hashing things out or protesting things. We're both very interested in healing, and why things are happening, and our reactions, and what we're learning about ourselves and the people we love.

My life is completely different since I met her. Nothing is the same -- everything has exploded in a positive way. So much abundance has come into my life through our relationship. Being loved and loving somebody has created an incredible resource for me to be able to go out into the world.


Sonya Passi, Founder of FreeFrom, a nonprofit for survivors of domestic violence
For me, it was very much love at first sight. I was in L.A. on vacation and fell madly in love with her but had no idea if she was gay. I really wanted to ask her out but was too chicken. Before she left she gave me her business card -- I didn't know her last name until then. As soon as I got back to my room, I started Facebook stalking her to try to figure out if she was gay.

The first weekend we ever spent together in New York I laughed so much. We had three nights together, and when she left for the airport my whole face was numb because my cheekbones were sore from laughing so much. It's beautiful to have a partner that I love and who not only fills me emotionally, but also intellectually. She dreams really big with me, and loves to create beauty in the world the same way I do.

We do a lot of work on ourselves, and we're lesbians, so we're always protesting everything. In a lot of ways we're both really practical--I know my skills, and she knows her skills. She doesn't hold it against me that I never pick up my socks, and I don't hold it against her that she has no idea how to do her taxes. We have a very fluid set of responsibilities within our relationship. We're both able to pour all our energy into growing the partnership. We're building it together.

Photography: Luke Fontana

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