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No Outsider: Casey Gerald's Haunting Memoir Is a Vital Missive to These Cracked-Up Times

By his late 20s, Casey Gerald — a “poor, black, orphan queer” — had achieved everything society could wish of a young man. But in an unhinged world, what does that mean? His new memoir is a vital missive to these cracked-up times.

Do Your Wurst: Give Us All That German Cuisine

A new German cookbook has us itching to lay our napkins on our lederhosen.

Naked, Not Naked: Exclusive With Jordy Rosenberg

Jordy Rosenberg's novel Confessions of the Fox interrogates the ways in which transphobia and racism echo throughout the ages.

False Image: Surviving Gay Conversion Therapy

Boy Erased author Garrard Conley on his elegant memoir (and soon-to-be film) about the year in which his Southern Baptist upbringing collided with his sexual awakening as a gay man.

St. Lucia Is for Sinners

Bowie, an elephant, and oiled-up boys play into the history of the Caribbean Xandau.

Stockholm Fashion Week Soars

New York based designer Andre Landeros Michel takes his genderless fashion to the Scandinavian capital of cool

Luring Them In: Remembering the Queer Novel That Broke Barriers

Felice Picano’s The Lure was an exercise in genre fiction and the first queer novel to make the popular Book of the Month Club. 

Exclusive: Scarlett Johansson Withdraws From 'Rub & Tug'

Actor says, "I understand why many feel Dante 'Tex' Gill should be portrayed by a transgender person."

All Hail the Material Girl

In Provincetown, Kim Petras wows her queer fans.

Queer Classic: 2008—The Year Mother Monster Found 'The Fame'

We're highlighting 50 years of queer music classics this week, as seen in "Songs in the Key of Pride" in the June/July issue. Here, we're bringing it back to 2008—the year a gay icon was born (and disco was reborn).

Exclusive: The Making of Louis Vuitton's First Men's Fragrance Collection

Whether it evokes a stormy summer night or transports you to Guatemala, Louis Vuitton's new line of scents is a lesson in creativity and imagination.

The Queer Activist Memoir We’ve Been Waiting For

From Plague to page, the remarkable story of AIDS activist Peter Staley gets the memoir it deserves.

When 'The New York Times' Says Sorry

A Mea Culpa from the paper for its inattention to AIDS in the 1980s is welcome, but may be too little too late.

Alicia Garza & Asia Kate Dillon Are Fighting For a New American Revolution

The Black Lives Matter co-founder and gender nonbinary Billions star on the struggle for the country's soul.