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A Gay Dad Refused to Pay For His Homophobic Daughter's Wedding

A Gay Dad Refused to Pay For His Homophobic Daughter's Wedding


It's what she deserves!

Some people just have all the audacity!

A gay Reddit user by the name of LargeSeat3093 recently took to the popular "Am I the A**hole?" subreddit last week to share the infuriating story of how his daughter isn't only barring him from bringing his husband and his son to her upcoming nuptials, but she's also expecting him to pay for the entire affair out of his pocket!

For context, LargeSeat3093 (39) had his daughter (who is now 21) with his ex-wife at a very young age before he came to terms with his sexuality. After coming out, he and his ex-wife had a friendly split, and he and his daughter had the best relationship you could ask for...that is until recently when it came to planning for her upcoming wedding in June.

"My ex-wife and I had our daughter at a very young age, (18) we got married, after six years of marriage I could find myself and come out to my wife, she understood and we had a very amicable divorce and split custody, my daughter was always daddy's girl and always got along well with my partner (38M) of 14 years," LargeSeat3093 wrote in his Reddit post, which at the time of writing now has over 17.5k upvotes and over 2,000+ comments.

Things started taking a turn when LargeSeat3093's daughter started showing her true colors, banning him from bringing his husband and their 2-year-old son (her half-brother) to the ceremony to appease the homophobic sensibilities of her very conservative future in-laws

"Since their future in-laws are so conservative and religious, my husband is not allowed to attend the wedding; I said: 'OK it's your day,'" LargeSeat3093 explained. "My son can't attend either. No, it's not going to be a child-free wedding. I can't talk about my 'lifestyle' because she doesn't make her in-laws uncomfortable."

Although LargeSeat3093 had promised his daughter when she was little that he would pay for her wedding when the time came, because of her restrictions, and the fact that she is letting blatant homophobia prevent her own father and his family from participating in her big day, he, understandably wants nothing to do with the financial responsibility of putting on such an exclusionary event.

"I told her that if her in-laws are so important, they should pay for the wedding," he continued. "She got mad at me and called me a child and said that if I keep on with this 'attitude' she'll ask her [future in-laws] to walk her down the aisle. Then I said: 'Fine, if my family isn't welcomed and I'm excluded, I'm not paying for the wedding.' She was furious and said I was being selfish, picking favorites, and not thinking about her at all."

"She complains that they can't afford the wedding since they are both too young and reminded me it was a promise I made," LargeSeat3093 concludes his post. "Everyone including her mom is calling me selfish. So AITA here?"

Luckily, no one in the comments section of the post was taking the homophobic daughter's side, assuring LargeSeat3093 that he is, in fact, not the a**hole in this situation.

"[The] daughter is immature and allowing homophobia to happen," one commenter wrote.

"I wonder if the daughter is homophobic herself and her in-laws are easier to hide it behind?" another commenter theorized. "No way will she stop here. Holidays and any events related to future grandchildren they'll be cut out of. And if OP actually keeps up leaving them out, the two-year-old is going to grow up with Dad leaving him home to go visit his sister who doesn't want him there and likely as a child he'll think that Dad likes her more or figure the sister doesn't like him. OP says she got along with the partner but that's suspicious it could have been politeness because she doesn't care about hurting her stepfather and she doesn't seem to care about the potential hurt laid out that her brother could be facing. There's no way OP should fund this or play into it."

Word to the wise: if you're gonna mess around, don't be surprised when you find out. With the Bank of Dad officially closed for LargeSeat3093 daughter, it looks like she's gonna need to find somewhere else to finance her big day...

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Raffy is a Los Angeles-based writer, editor, video creator, critic, and the digital director of Out.

Raffy is a Los Angeles-based writer, editor, video creator, critic, and the digital director of Out.