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These Lesbians Got Married on a Sidewalk While Social Distancing

Two women getting married on a sidewalk

Love is still winning!

As with most industries right now, the wedding industry is taking a major hit. Large scale events -- really any sized event at this point -- have been almost universally cancelled across not only America, but Europe as well. In addition, a lot of government agencies, in various places have shuttered as a result of the pandemic. So getting hitched has been put on pause. Well almost, because with queers, here there's a will, there's a way!

Over the weekend, footage started circulate of two women, Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler, who decided that despite the odds, they were still going to get married. In the clip, the pair stand on a sidewalk as a marriage officiant read a passage from "Love in the Time of Cholera." With a name like that, that novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel prize winner, seems like the most fitting option!

"We were supposed to get married in October," Jennings wrote to Instagram. "The reality of that happening in our current climate seemed slim. Amanda's business closed and everything has just blown up." So, they fast tracked the process.

According to Jenning, they got their marriage license and when they were about to go to the courthouse, the mayor closed the marriage bureau. But, Matt Wilson, a friend, could marry the pair through a loophole and that's just what they did. With the neighborhood, and friends watching at an appropriate distance, the pair made it official!

"What a day," Jenning continued. "Amidst the uncertainty and despair we all feel right now, marrying the love of my life in the most NYC moment was perfect. I've waited 4 years to call [Amanda] my wife and this was all just the cherry on top of the love I feel every day."

And if you're wondering what you can do with all those good feelings from this story? Well Reilly is hoping you'll donate a small "wedding gift" by donating to the Actors Fund for performers in theatre, music, television, and music who are being impacted by the mass closures in those industries.

Wow, could you be more saintly?

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