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Pro Wrestler Mike Parrow Marries Longtime Boyfriend

Pro wrestler gets married.

The athlete and performer came out in 2017.

Though the wedding industry is about to come to a virtual standstill, it looks like professional wrestler Mike Parrow got his nuptials in just under the wire. On Saturday Parrow married his longtime boyfriend Morgan Cole in what Parrow called the "perfect" ceremony.

"Me and my husband Morgan Cole want to thank everyone fro the bottom of our hearts!" he wrote to Twitter. "Thank you to our friends that were able [to] join us, especially during the current circumstances and all the others who sent well whishes, it meant the world to us. The wedding was perfect! It does get better!" Indeed.

Parrow came out in 2017, after living a closeted life. He's spoken often about being closeted and not wanting his coming out to negatively impact his family and friends. During this period, the wrestler who studied political science in college and at one time had plans of being a lawyer, became depressed. He once contemplated and began to pursue death by suicide, in addition to trying to "cure" his sexuality, though he said he always knew he was gay. He has said that part of this rationale came from growing up Catholic in a small town where homosexuality was not talked about or seen. The small spots of queerness he did see on television, according to him didn't resonate as they didn't represent him.

But then, he met Cole and after falling in love, he decided to come out, first to his family who accepted him, then his friends, and the general public. He's even integrated an ode to the community into his gear: he integrates the number 49 to represent those lost in the Pulse Massacre.

Congratulations to Mike and Morgan.

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