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Watch: Gay Couple Marry at Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas

Chris and Skye

Amidst neon lights and belching flame throwers, love reigned supreme at the 20th annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

Featuring headliners like Zedd, Martin Garixx, and The Chainsmokers, this year's Electric Daisy Carnvial festival was on fire. But the real spectacle lay not in the thumping bass and synthesizers exploding throughout Las Vegas Motor Speedway, but in the union happening inside a small chapel constructed between stages. It was at The Chapel of the Future that EDC hosted one of the festival's first-ever same-sex weddings. SMIRNOFF via Facebook Live, making the marriage equally historic with an unprecedented social media presence.

The couple held an EDM-inspired reception post nuptials at the SMIRNOFF house a few tents away, where dancing and overwhelming merriment ensued.


Jim Sias, Director of Influencer & Advocacy at SMIRNOFF, explained, "SMIRNOFF has long been a supporter of inclusivity and equality. Hosting one of the first ever legal same-sex weddings at EDC Las Vegas since the Supreme Court decision last year is something we are extremely proud of. We decided to take our commitment to inclusivity and the LGBTQ community a step further and live-stream the wedding and reception, so even folks who were unable to make it to the festival could witness the beautiful occasion."

Chris and Skye met at Northeastern in 2008, and immediately fell for each other.

Chris: We met in a class. I saw him and immediately thought he was the cutest thing there. And luckily we got assigned to be on the same team for a project, and as soon as that happened I took a seat next to him and we started talking.

Out: Were you both out already?

C: Oh yeah.

Skye: When we met, the class was religion and politics.

C: 2008 religion and politics.

S: It's not exactly the most conducive environment for romantic relationships. And we dated my last year of college. And then I moved out to Los Angeles to go to law school, and he followed me.

C: I couldn't leave him.

S: We're coming up on 8 years now. I came out when I was 16. By the time we met it had been a while.

So why did you choose this festival as your wedding venue? Do you have a big connection to EDC?

C: We do. Skye brought me to my first gay club, he brought me to my first rave. One of the first things we did as a couple was go to EDC LA in 2007, 2008. And we really connected there. We went to the next one and then haven't been back until now. This is our first time in EDC Las Vegas. And we have another wedding planned for next May, but we thought, "Why don't we do it here?" And we had intended it to be just a small, personal thing, just for us.

S: This was for us. This is ours. This is meaningful to Chris and me. Originally the plan was just going to be him and me, alone, getting married at EDC, and no one would know about it, because it matters to us. And when we were contacted to make this part of a larger things, you know--that's a great story. It's hard not be to be excited by that.

After the recent tragedy in Orlando, stories that celebrate same-sex love with such visibility have never been more important.

C: I think after the week we've all had, it's important to stand up and not shy away from who you are. And to think a shooting would stop us from being who we are--they don't know gays. We're only going to be stronger and prouder.

S: This is about our love. The fact that it can be used for a greater good. You can't ask for anything better.

Watch the full ceremony below.

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