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Gay Beach Club Fined For Patrons Having Sex in See-Thru Pool

A gay beach club in Puerta Vallarta has been fined after two men were filmed having sex in a transparent pool in view of a public beach.

A famed gay beach resort in Mexico was fined a little over one thousand dollars after partygoers were filmed having sex in a see-through pool visible to passersby on a public beach. Puerto Vallarta levied the fine against the Mantamar Beach Club after video of the wet sex acts went viral on the internet, according to Vallarta Independiente.

While the details of video footage have been blurred, it appears to show two men standing against one of the pool's transparent walls facing the beach while having sex. Authorities did not provide the names of the men in the viral video.

Collective Vallarta LGBT issued a statement chastising the club for allowing the incident to occur in full view of the public, and said that it did little to improve the causes of the LGBTQ+ community.

“To be able to demand [respect], we have to respect ourselves,” the group said in a statement posted to Facebook.

According to its website, the Mantamar Beach Club is a “sophisticated, exclusive, chic and trendy beach club located in one of the most famous gay destinations in the world.” The adults-only gay beach club has a series of pools and jacuzzis, some of which are elevated and enclosed with see-though plexiglass walls. The club is located on a public beach which is used by families with children and the sex acts in question appear to have been filmed from the beach.

Mantamar paid the fine and the club remains open.

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