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These Two Queens Dated & Broke Up Right Before Drag Race Season 15

These Two Queens Dated & Broke Up Right Before Drag Race Season 15

Robin Fierce; Amethyst

The first pre-season showmance in Drag Race herstory.

It's RuPaul's Drag Race: Connecticut edition.

A new video was released with the first few minutes of episode three on Drag Race season 15. After reading Irene Dubois' mirror lipstick message, the queens sit down on the sofa to decompress and talk about what just happened.

It's pointed out that Robin Fierce revealed she had a relationship with Amethyst prior to the season, but the two queens are pretty shy to talk about it at first. Fierce explains that they came to a mutual decision for breaking up, but Amethyst notes that it was more of her decision to part ways.

"Ultimately, I think we were looking for different things," Amethyst concludes.

Fierce then says in a confessional, "As of right now, that chapter is closed and will not be opening up anytime soon... for me."

Otherwise, this first sneak peek of episode three features the queens walking back into the werk room after having made it through the first maxi challenge of the season. Amethyst generally looks even more disheveled given that she's just survived the first lip sync of season 15 against Dubois.

Later, Loosey LaDuca unleashes her fury in regard to being put in the bottom three at the premiere despite singing live at the Variety Show and doing her very best. She declares that anger is a great motivator for her, so she's about to do even better in the competition.

The sneak peek of episode three ends with the 15 remaining queens dividing themselves into three groups for an infomercial maxi challenge. We can't wait to see how this turns out!

RuPaul's Drag Race season 15 airs Fridays on MTV.

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